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21-Sep-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Qualcomm is Innovating For Growing 4G LTE Market of India

As the market in India holds the 4G LTE (Long Term-Evolution) tech bionetwork in a huge way, Qualcomm, the international chip giant, discovers it obvious to innovate for the rising 4G market in the ...

21-Sep-2017 | Food & Beverage

Rising Application Range in Industries to Burgeon the Food Glazing Agents Market

Food glazing agents can be either synthetic or natural substance that provides the food a homogeneous, waxy, glazed texture to avoid water loss and offer protection. These compounds are deemed as f ...

12-Sep-2017 | Entertainment

Rising Environmental Wakefulness to Spur The Polylactic Acid Market

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bioplastic obtained from lactic acid. It has the 2nd highest utilization volume of any bioplastic in the world. It is made by lactide’s ring opening polymerization ...

12-Sep-2017 | Others

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market Witnessing Significant Growth

Protective equipment has a special role in the individual’s daily lifestyle. No matter what task a person performs, in some of the other way protective equipment are utilized.

04-Sep-2017 | Automobile

Sudden Increase in Raw Material Cost Impacting Tire Market in India

The rise of over 30% in cost of raw material and unfavorable market conditions has sternly affected the revenues of the key players in the domestic market. JK Tyres is one of those players who witn ...

04-Sep-2017 | Electrical & Electronic Device

Sonicspy Android Malware Family Threatens the Global App Market

The researchers have recently found a malware that infects the Android smartphones that has total control over the device. The Google Play Store is where the malware is coming in from. The malware ...

22-Aug-2017 | Automobile

Emerging E-Commerce Sector Is Spurring The Growth For Forklift Truck Market

Forklift truck is a movable machine used to lift and move heavy goods. It is majorly used in the production lines, warehouses, or any storage facilities that handle heavy goods to keep the inventor ...

22-Aug-2017 | Automobile

Amplified Demand for Larger Bandwidth to Burgeon the Ethernet Test Equipment Market

Ethernet is basically a network technology that links several computer systems to create a local area network. It is predominantly utilized by the service management test crew and network operators ...

18-Aug-2017 | Technology

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Benefits Provided By Robotic Automation To Spur The Market

The robotic automation,or robotization, is computerization of business and industrial procedures with the assistance of robots. It encompasses a practice in which a computer software or machine imi ...

18-Aug-2017 | Automobile

Global Transportation Market to Profit From The Shuttl App-Based Bus Service

Transportation is a facility no individual can avoid. Hence, there is always a need for a feasible and secure transportation mode of vehicle. Shuttl is a startup that has found a new way of tacklin ...