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Sonicspy Android Malware Family Threatens the Global App Market

Posted on: Sep-2017 | By: MarketNReports | Electrical & Electronic Device

The researchers have recently found a malware that infects the Android smartphones that has total control over the device. The Google Play Store is where the malware is coming in from. The malware named SonicSpy is a family of malware that the people have to lookout for. The researchers have been able to identify a Play Store app named Soniac that is marketed as a messaging app to reportedly be the source of the malware.

The global app market has to start building stringent policies to curb the malware spread through the apps. The culprits are using the apps as a platform to spread the malware as it is an option people across the globe download without too much intricate hunting on the source. According to the global market, around 1000 or more apps, which are currently under the possession of the third party Android app store has been infected by the malware. After the device is infected by the malware then the device is under its control totally that it silently records audio, takes photographs, makes calls, and retrieves contacts as well as the call logs. The SonicSpy malware has been designed by the attackers so as to shake the entire global market.

The malware’s source Soniac actually can have an access to the entire smartphone through the communication app that is kind of a customized version of the app “Telegram.” The control over the targeted device by the attackers has put the entire smartphone industry in trouble as well. The security officials have to tighten up the app marketing policies so as avoid the malware multiplication.

As per the researchers, the infected apps include Hulk Messenger, Troy Chat, and Soniac Messenger. Hence, the users have to be alert while carrying out the process of app download. The use of Android apps to spread the malware is currently a commonly used platform. Hence, all the Android users have to be alert and careful while viewing unknown apps. Google had recently blocked a spyware named Lipizzan that captured the users’ voice calls, photos, text messages, and location data. Similarly, Chrysaor, another spyware, is currently being investigated by Google.

Thus, the software giants along with the security officials are investigating the matter and looking out for a perfect solution.