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Rising Environmental Wakefulness to Spur The Polylactic Acid Market

Posted on: Sep-2017 | By: MarketNReports | Entertainment

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bioplastic obtained from lactic acid. It has the 2nd highest utilization volume of any bioplastic in the world. It is made by lactide’s ring opening polymerization with several metal catalysts in suspension, melt, or solution. It can also be made by direct condensation of monomers of lactic acid.

The worldwide PLA market is anticipated to grow swiftly owing to the rising environmental alertness and the use of this substance in several end-user industries. The exclusive physical properties along with easy accessibility of raw material are also expected to boost the market growth. Few of factors responsible for the growth of the market are mentioned below.

Easy accessibility of raw materials

Commonly, PLA is formed from plant-based raw substances, which are readily available. Its production process includes the utilization of sugar cane or corn-starch as raw materials. These are readily obtainable in the market, thus serving as a driver for the growth of the market. Lactic acid is derived from the fermentation of sugar or starch, and then it is utilized in the making of PLA, which is more recyclable than conventional plastic that is obtained from petrochemicals.

Rising environmental wakefulness

The growing environmental responsiveness in several countries across the globe is driving the growth of the market. Also, as they are biodegradable products, and owing to the strict environmental regulations & legislations by the government in diverse countries, the need for such products is high. It is a bioplastic that has a small shelf-life and is biodegradable in nature.

Biodegradability is assessed by the quantity of CO2 generated by the biodegradable plastic. The efforts of the government toward buying eco-friendly and sustainable products are also projected to fuel the market growth. Also, manufacturers are also progressively determined toward producing sustainable solutions that have minimal environmental hazards for their users.

Versatile & superior characteristics of PLA

PLA can be utilized in several end-user industries owing to its multipurpose characteristics. This substance is being utilized in many beverages, in packaging applications for food, consumer products, injection molded products, flexible film packaging, staple fibers, and apparel. Apart from these applications, it is broadly utilized in medical applications.