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Can The Lens Free Camera Strengthen the Global Public Safety and Security Market?

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: MarketNReports | Others

A camera is a gadget that can help keep a track or capture some of the essential tasks or moments. In order to help the security officials easily carry out their task, the lens-free camera has been developed by a group of researchers from California Institute of Technology. The lead researcher Ali Hajimiri has designed the camera that measures about 0.04 × 0.05 inches. It works similar to a fish’s eye that makes change in the aperture between the wide angles along with the instant zooming in option.

The most fascinating feature about the camera is that it is so tiny and thin that it can be embedded anywhere. A few microns thin camera can prove to a beneficial entity for the global public safety and security market. The conventional photography concept can be fully transformed through the use of this lens free camera. The need for such public safety gadgets is a must nowadays owing to the increasing terrorism and human misconduct taking place on a daily basis. Globally, the public has demanded for a high-end security device to curb the violence rate.

This camera can prove to be a gem for the security officials. Imagine transforming the rear side of the phone, a pair of eyeglass, watch, or any other commonly used commodity into a camera. Wouldn’t it be amazing? The camera can capture the images at any resolution one wishes to. This “no resolution limit” feature is a bonanza for the global market in terms of public security. This flat sheet has a collection of 64 light receivers that can capture the light waves as the antennas do and can later be controlled by a specific computer program.

The images present on the right, left, or between can be well captured without focusing on the object. The optical phased array is what the tiny camera is based on. This camera in the coming years can be used instead of the huge camera or lens and can outdo the color flaws owing to the highly functional light receivers. Thus, the beauty of this device is to capture the images without any movement and help secure the world to a greater extent.